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Maple Taffy on a Himalayan Salt Tile

Sugar shack it at home!

Whether it’s to celebrate the end of the winter blues and the beginning of the sugar season, or if you are simply looking to treat yourself to something savory, there’s nothing quite as unique as serving Maple Taffy on a Himalayan Salt Tile!


1 Vital 8×12″ Himalayan Salt Tile

1 can of Canadian Maple syrup n° 1 (Clear)

1 thermometer

1 small piece of butter


Place your Himalayan salt tile in the freezer overnight (Or outside if it’s winter in Canada eh!), for approximately 6 hours.

For the maple taffy, open the can of maple syrup and pour it into a pot. Place the thermometer in the pot with the syrup. On high heat, bring the syrup to a boil. To avoid from boiling over, add a little piece of butter in the pot and worry no more. Once the thermometer reaches 115 °C (240 °F), your taffy is ready! Set aside the pot for a few seconds and be careful, the taffy is very hot! With a ladle, pour the taffy onto the cold Himalayan salt tile and serve with either a popsicle stick (traditional method) or with a spoon.


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