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Cooking with Volcano.Stone


Always make sure the cooking tile is dry before use. Humidity inside the tile can cause cracking and/or breaking during heating. Heating the tile must be done incrementally as specified below.


Place the cooking tile on the cold grill. Ignite the BBQ and warm up at desired temperature and keep for a minimum of 15minutes. You can cook a natural and healthy meal directly on the BBQ, with no flare ups. Avoid having any food slip between the grills. Perfect for deglazing, marinades and sauces.

Stove Top

Electric — Place the tile over a cold burner supported by either the Vitalgrill Tray or by a baking ring. Bring to desired heat level for a maximum of 15 minutes. Cook your food directly on the volcanic tile heating on the stovetop or serve at the table.

Gas — Follow previous steps, with the option of placing the tile directly on the burner.


Chill down the volcanic tile in the freezer for 30 minutes. You can use the tile as a serving platter for salads, Carpaccio’s, or even dessert!

**Not microwave safe**


After letting the volcanic tile air-cool to room temperature, simply rinse off and wash with regular dish soap or vinegar.

Important! Not dishwasher safe.

The Volcanic Stone Cooking Tile by VitalGrill is a 100% natural product, and may, therefore, be subject to natural imperfections, cracks, or cavities as part of the final product; these can not be considered defects. It is, therefore, important to follow the instructions to prevent any breakage.